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Publishing fee: For accepted regular pages, one standard manuscript (to 12 pages) publisher requires the payment of a publishing fee of 295 EUR for the year 2024. For extra pages (over 12), 30 EUR per page must be paid. The publishing fee includes total editorial activity, including manuscript publishing in one of the future issues of the journal.

Waiver policy: The publishing process involves several activities that require costs, such as copy editing, article conversion in different formats, uploading articles, archiving, DOI, indexing, data storage management and journal maintenance. The journal Acta Simulatio operates in an Open Access system. Authors are asked to pay an article processing fee to publish their article with open access under a Creative Commons licence. For authors publishing in the journal Acta Simulatio, the publisher offers waivers and discounts. The provision for complete or partial fee waiver depends on the case-by-case basis for the authors. The request for a waiver must be sent to the journal before submission of the manuscript. The request for a waiver must be sent by email to: . The authors desirous of requesting a waiver should furnish the following information along with the demand for the waiver: Title of the manuscript; Manuscript Type (Research - Scientific, Professional - Practical, Review - Analytical, Educational); Name of the corresponding author; Affiliations of the corresponding author; Type of waiver requested (Partial / Full); Explanatory reasons for waiver request; Explanation about how the research is funded.

ISSN 1339-9640
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