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Complaints policy: This procedure applies to complaints about the policies or practices of the Acta Simulatio activities. Please write your complaint to identify the journal title, volume, issue, DOI paper number, paper title, page number. The complainant defines the expression of unhappiness as a complaint. The complaint must be about something within the responsibility of the journal Acta Simulatio content or process. If the journal Acta Simulatio receives a complaint that any contribution to the journal infringes intellectual property rights or contains material inaccuracies, libellous materials or otherwise unlawful materials, the journal Acta Simulatio will investigate the complaint. The journal Acta Simulatio will make a good faith determination whether to remove the allegedly illegal material. We strive to ensure that Acta Simulatio is of the highest quality and is as free from errors as possible. However, we accept that occasionally mistakes might happen. Therefore, complaints about the editorial content of the journal Acta Simulatio should be made and sent as soon as possible after publication by email to: .

ISSN 1339-9640
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